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Getting Around Charleston

The only option for public transportation in Charleston is the bus service run by the Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority (CARTA). The buses are all clean, air-conditioned, and well-maintained. Fares need to be paid with exact change, because the drivers do not make change. Monthly and yearly basses can be purchased for CARTA buses at the bus terminal downtown.

CARTA also runs a free shuttle bus service in downtown Charleston known as DASH (Downtown Area SHuttles). These four bus lines cover much of the historical part of Charleston that most tourists are interested in. This is an especially great service for visitors that want to get around downtown Charleston during the scorching summer months without walking.

There are not a lot of cab companies in Charleston, but the ones that are there do provide excellent service. The fares are inexpensive and the drivers are general friendly. The only problem is that it is often difficult to flag down a taxi in Charleston. Visitors that will be using taxicabs in Charleston should program a cab company’s number into their mobile phone. This way they can call for a cab when they need one.

This is definitely one of the most pleasant ways to explore Charleston. The town is full of historic buildings and charming architecture. It is especially pleasant to go on one of the numerous walking tours of the city that point out the many famous sites. Visitors that are walking during the summer months should be sure to bring water with them, because the heat can be quite sweltering during Charleston summers.

There are horse-drawn carriages that take passengers on tours of historic Charleston. This is one of the best ways to see the city, and it is surprisingly inexpensive.

Charleston is a very bicycle-friendly city. Most of the major roads have bike lanes, and drivers are very courteous to bike riders on roads without bike lanes. There are a few bike rental shops downtown, and cheap second-hand bikes can be purchased for long-term visitors.

Renting a Car
Driving in Charleston is very nice. The traffic is not very bad, and there is ample parking throughout the city. The city can be a little tough to navigate, so drivers should try to get a rental car with a GPS navigation unit. A good street map will come in handy for those without a GPS navigation system.

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