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King Street in historic Charleston, SC has it all. Clothes, gifts, antiques, food, and things you would never think of are all ready to buy. There are other places to shop in the city, but if you like the historic district, King Street is the shopping mecca.

If you can tear yourself away from the artisan chocolate shop, the cupcake store, the yogurt places, and the two bakeries, walk it all off up and down the avenue perusing the many exciting possibilities for further spending.

It is possible to deck out your young male child, whether he likes it or not, with grown-up dress clothing and accessories. Unheard of, you say! It's there. There are quite a few apparel stores for the younger set. The baby clothes and toys are organic and cuddly. Naturally, there are plenty of choices for girls, too.

There are more galleries than you can remember, with several glances, carrying many and varied artistic pieces. Original paintings, fine art objects that are rare and unusual and framed photography are just a few available items. Antique oriental rugs, vintage posters, and specific art genres are all represented in one fabulous street. There are working artists' studios here as well. 

By this time, coffee is desperately needed. There are a few options for sitting and recharging, one being the globe-dotting place from Seattle that is omnipresent. The local, independent, interesting coffee purveyor also has gifts and books for sale. Speaking of books, there are several bookstores in King Street, one with rare books, out-of-print books and vintage first editions.

For real historic shopping, if there is such a thing, stop in the city's preservation society's shop for gifts and books and an appreciation of Charleston. This 92-year-old society is dedicated to preserving as much of old Charleston as possible. Pick up something in their shop and lend your support. That's one reason visitors want to go to historic Charleston, after all. 

Cookware, tobacco products, accessories, and religious-oriented items have been sandwiched in to the host of other shops here. Did shoes come up in the conversation? You have hit the jackpot in King Street. Try on shoes until you drop. "So many shoes, so little time," could be the motto of the shoe suppliers on the block. 

Don't forget jewelry, furniture, lighting, interior designers, and home accessories, either. There is no end to the selection of...well, almost everything.

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