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Attractions in Charleston

Myrtle Beach
Although it is a little bit of a drive, Myrtle Beach extends for several miles along the South Carolina coast. There are several things for families to do while they are at Myrtle Beach. The famous Boardwalk has been completely rebuilt so that it offers many activities for families to do together. The Skywheel opened in 2011, and riders can view the beach for miles in either direction. An arcade, several restaurants, and stores are located within one mile of the Skywheel. Broadway at Myrtle Beach is a fun place to take children, or you can have a fun night with friends. The popular Margaritaville is located in this area, and there are many shops that you can walk through. Wonderworks and Ripley’s Aquarium are also located in the area.

Charleston Tea Plantation
This sprawling garden is one of the only areas in the country that still serves tea to visitors. As you walk through the beautiful flowers, you are given detailed information about the making of tea. There is a gift shop for visitors to purchase items after the tour.

Cypress Gardens
If you like seeing flowers and enjoying the beauty of nature, then you will love visiting this plantation. Once a large rice plantation, it is now open to the public for viewing. There are gardens with a variety of flowers and a butterfly house for guests to walk through. Guests can also ride in a swamp boat and view the plantation from a different perspective.

American Military Museum
You can learn about the history of the military in one location. There are exhibits that give information about all of the branches of the military and people thought history who have fought in wars. View displays of airplanes and other military items in one day.

Folly Beach
This is a great family beach that is only a short trip from Charleston. It is not as busy as Myrtle Beach, but it offers similar activities for tourists. Beach houses line the coast as people from all over the state have made the area their home. From miniature golf to shopping centers, you can find something to do at this quiet beach.

South Carolina Aquarium
This is the largest aquarium in the state. Children and adults can have a fun day at the aquarium while they are learning about the animals that live in the sea. While you are there, you can see the harbor and eat a picnic lunch.

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